Tom's 5-Way Conservative Test

Tom's 5 Way Conservative Test
"I believe that less government is better government.  And having a principle based belief system as a compass guides my decision making.  Holding a position of public trust is an honor and a privilege and any of us who are provided this opportunity must advance policies that are Constitutional, thus promoting the preservation and expansion of freedom.  And using this five way test will allow me to support legislation that is Constitutional and puts our conservative North Georgia principles before politics."  - Congressman Tom Graves

In order to advance liberty and restore freedom, I encourage my colleagues in Washington to join me in evaluating and supporting legislation based on these conservative principles:

     * Adherence to the Constitution

    * Lessen the tax burden

    * Reduces the size of government

    * Promotes personal responsibility

    * Promotes liberty and justice for all

Adherence to the Constitution -  Does the bill stand-up to a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution?  Does the bill violate the 10th Amendment?

Lessen the Tax Burden - Does the bill cut taxes or is it just a shift in tax policy? Does it reduce state taxes but move the tax burden to local governments? Or does it force more taxation at the local level? Or does it promote reduced spending or fees? Or are there hidden fees in the bill that some call taxes?

Reduces the size of Government - Does the legislation cut government regulation or create a new bureaucracy? Does it create new programs or eliminate programs? Does it create new entitlements or eliminate some? Does it make unnecessary programs go away? Does the overall size of government change with this bill?

Promotes Personal Responsibility - Does the bill encourage personal responsibility so that Georgians and their families may tend to their own needs more? Or does it encourage government to do more for the people than people taking care of themselves? Does it encourage or discourage individuals from providing for their own health, education, safety, and general welfare?

Promotes Liberty and Justice for All - Does the proposal increase personal freedoms? Does it impede on the freedoms of others? Does it limit others personal rights or property rights? Does it interfere with justice? Does it allow individuals to decide how to make personal choices for themselves and their lives without harming others? Does government coerce their choices with this bill?