Improving Cybersecurity

"Technology has outpaced public policy, and our laws need to catch up.

"We must continue working toward the day when it’s the norm – not the exception – for criminal hackers to be identified and held accountable for their crimes." - Rep. Tom Graves

When a cyberattack occurs, it often means that our most personal information – our bank account, social security number, or home address – have been stolen by bad actors. It’s a massive invasion of privacy, one that millions of Americans have experienced. Many of us who take precautions, such as installing updates, purchasing anti-virus software and using strong passwords, are still falling victim to cyberattacks.

Companies and small businesses also continue to suffer major breaches of their often sophisticated cyber defenses. That’s why I introduced the bipartisan Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act (ACDC). It’s an America First cybersecurity bill that will give our citizens and businesses more tools to protect themselves online. Click HERE to read the details.

Technology is rapidly evolving, and our laws have failed to keep up. It’s important that we have the tools to defend ourselves.

Read more below to learn about my work to help you protect yourself online. 

Tom Talks: Cybersecurity Series

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