Financial Services

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As Republican Leader of the House Appropriations Committee’s Financial Services Subcommittee, I’m working with the Trump administration to slash harmful regulations, streamline outdated agency processes, and free families and businesses to achieve their dreams. I’m also working to foster an environment where the financial technology industry – known as “fintech” – can thrive, while protecting consumers from bad actors. Here are some of the conservative wins I secured in my House-passed Financial Services Appropriations bill:
  • Creating the Fund for America's Kids and Grandkids

    • Cuts $585 million from across the Financial Services Appropriations bill

    • Prevents the money from being spent until the budget deficit is erased 

    • Provides a new way to get control of D.C. spending

  • Providing community banks with targeted relief from regulations that make it harder for them to lend to individuals and business in their community

  • Reining in the rogue, unaccountable Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection and bringing it under congressional oversight for the first time

  • Holding the IRS accountable, while ensuring sufficient funding for protections for information security and the effective implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

  • Directing resources to programs that will help boost economic growth and opportunity, protect consumers and investors, promote an efficient federal court system, and stop financial crime

  • Protecting life, including:

    • Prohibiting federal and local funds from being used for abortion

    • Prohibiting funds for enforcement of DC Reproductive Non-Discrimination Act, which could force religious groups or non-profits to make hiring decisions that conflict with their sincerely held beliefs

    • Prohibiting funds for DC’s law legalizing physician-assisted suicide in the District

    • Prohibiting the use of funds in the Federal Employee Health Benefits program for abortion

  • Prioritizing law enforcement, homeland security and cybersecurity, including:

    • Fighting the opioid epidemic by increasing funding for the High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program and for other federal drug control programs

    • Beefing up the Treasury Department’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

    • Strengthening the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

    • Funding the Treasury Department’s Cybersecurity Enhancement Account

    • Updating IT systems across the federal government through the Technology Modernization Fund
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