Graves, Tom
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Rep. Graves, House Protect Americans from Warrantless Searches of Private Email Accounts

Washington, Feb 6 -

The House today approved, with Rep. Tom Graves’ (R-GA-14) support, the Email Privacy Act (H.R. 387), bipartisan legislation updating privacy protections for emails maintained by third-party service providers, such as Google and Yahoo. Email privacy laws were last updated in 1986.

“The last time email privacy laws were updated Top Gun was a box office hit, the Chicago Bears were Superbowl champions and Ronald Reagan was president,” noted Rep. Graves. “The vast changes in technology since 1986 require urgent updates to federal privacy laws. This legislation ensures Fourth Amendment privacy protections are the same for email and other digital content as they are for traditional mail and physical documents. In other words, government agencies will no longer be able to read your emails without a warrant, and violate your fundamental right to privacy.”

During the 113th Congress, Rep. Graves developed and introduced the Email Privacy Act with Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS-03).