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Washington, December 9, 2010 -

U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-9) issued the following statement from the U.S. House floor before voting against the so-called DREAM Act. The bill passed the U.S. House last night by a vote of 216-198:


Rep. Tom Graves (12/8/10)  - “Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition of the DREAM Act.  When I think back to the early days of our country, the inception, and what we were founded on, it was on freedom, it was on liberty, it was on the opportunity to dream and achieve a better future for one’s self.  And, that is what’s made us great, and that is what’s made us exceptional among all nations on this globe.

“But, make no mistake; this bill is not the American dream.  This bill is the amnesty dream.  The bill will give amnesty to nearly 2 million illegal immigrants right away while providing a pathway to amnesty to encourage millions more to enter our country illegally.

“Adults, up to 30 years old, will now be eligible for amnesty as a result of this.  If a person who illegal enters this country will receive amnesty through this bill, you can bet they will petition, because of this bill, to have their relatives join them.

“Illegal immigrants who have been convicted of less than 3 misdemeanors are eligible for amnesty through this bill.  Anyone who simply applies for the program will have temporary amnesty.

“Earlier, we heard that this is not about illegal immigrants. This is about ‘undocumented persons.’  Well, it begs the question, if one is undocumented, how could you even verify their age or eligibility for this very program.
“This is no dream, this is a nightmare.  This is a nightmare for the taxpayers of our country; this is a nightmare for America itself.  Besides the fundamental problem of rewarding and incentivizing illegal behavior, this bill worsens our debt and puts a further strain on American families.  Simply put, an open-door amnesty policy, with no spending cap, no limit in scope, and a free invitation to all the federal benefits of this country adds up to a cost that our taxpayers cannot afford.  I urge my colleagues to, tonight, vote for the American dream by rejecting the amnesty dream.”

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