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Rome News-Tribune: Graves talks Obamacare at town hall meeting with constituents

Rome, August 29, 2013 -

Graves talks Obamacare at town hall meeting with constituents

Rome News Tribune

By Alan Riquelmy

August 29, 2013

David and Shelia Jackson have concerns about their country — health care and privacy rights being chief among them.

Those concerns are part of the reason that led them to Wednesday’s Rome town hall meeting with U.S. Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ranger.

“Government’s too big,” David Jackson said as he waited for Graves to arrive at the Rome Senior Citizens Center. “Our personal freedoms are being threatened.”

Graves fielded questions from some 70 attendees at the town hall. Most of them centered on the representative’s efforts to defund Obamacare, formally called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Graves has submitted a bill that seeks to stop Obamacare’s funding. He said he believes its chances of becoming law are realistic.

“I’m here to tell you tonight — there’s no need to shut the government down. We should fund the government, but we don’t need to fund Obamacare,” he said.

The bill must be passed in the House of Representatives and the Senate, then signed by President Barack Obama before it became law.

“It’s his choice,” Graves said later of Obama signing the bill.

Some attendees asked if Graves had enough support in the House for his bill’s passage. One woman whose business deals with Medicare patients said she’s already seen Obamacare’s negative effects.


Mike Morton, with the Rome TEA Party, asked about the possibility of impeaching Obama. Graves said his focus is set on defunding Obamacare.

“That is the most vital, critical issue for us,” Graves added. “That’s where my focus is going to be.”

David Jackson left the town hall satisfied with his representative.

“I was very impressed,” he said. “I think he’s laser-focused on that one issue.”

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