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Border Crisis: Rep. Graves Supports Bills To Expedite Deportations And Force Obama Administration To Disclose Information

Washington, July 16, 2014 -

Today, U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) announced his cosponsorship of two bills in response to the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border. Rep. Graves is an original cosponsor of The Expedited Family Reunification Act of 2014, which amends the 2008 Human Trafficking and Victims Protection Act to allow for the expedited deportation of unaccompanied children. He is also an original cosponsor of a bill to force the Administration to publicly disclose detailed information about the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border, where they are being located throughout the United States and statistics on the judicial process.

“The Obama Administration has failed to secure our borders and has loosely interpreted the law to allow tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to remain in the United States,” said Rep. Graves. “The first step to bringing an end to this crisis is to amend the law so it’s clear that illegal immigrants from Central America and elsewhere can and will be quickly deported. I believe this will be a deterrent and ultimately the best humanitarian action we can take because it will spare people, especially children, from the extraordinary dangers of the journey to our southern border.

“The president has also failed to communicate the gravity of this crisis to the American people. The public deserves to know how many illegal immigrants have crossed the border, where they are located in the United States, how many have missed court appearances, as well as other critical information.”

Information on The Expedited Family Reunification Act of 2014 (H.R. 5053) is available here.

Information on the legislation to force the Administration to disclose information about illegal immigrants (H.R. 5015) is available here.


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