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Rep. Tom Graves Statement on Supreme Court Decision Outlawing Obama’s Amnesty Plan

Washington, June 23, 2016 -

Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) issued the following statement concerning the Supreme Court’s 4-4 decision in United States v. Texas, which upholds the lower court’s ruling that the Obama administration’s program to grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants is unconstitutional:

“The president is not a king. He cannot ignore Congress and write laws on his own. This ruling upholds the constitutional separation of powers, and affirms that it is Congress that writes laws. I am grateful for the 26 states, including Georgia, that took action and sued the administration when the president tried to implement his unconstitutional amnesty plan. This is a big victory for the Constitution, the rule of law and the American people.”

In March, Rep. Graves voted for and the House passed legislation authorizing the Speaker to file an amicus brief on behalf of the House of Representatives in support of the states. 


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