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Rep. Graves, House Fight to Restore U.S. Relationship with Israel

Washington, January 5, 2017 - U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) today voted for and the House passed H. Res. 11, Objecting to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334. The legislation, which Rep. Graves cosponsored, disapproves of the Obama administration’s refusal to veto an anti-Israel measure passed last month by the United Nations Security Council, which declared Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem illegal. The misguided resolution damages the prospects for peace by designating Israeli territory, including many of its holiest sites, “occupied territory.”

“Israel is one of our closest and most important allies,” said Rep. Graves. “I’m appalled by the Obama administration’s refusal to support Israel at yet another critical moment. The legislation we passed today sends the Israeli people a strong message: Congress and the American people support you and strongly disapprove of the Obama administration’s actions. I look forward to working with President-elect Trump to fully restore our close relationship with Israel.”  


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