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Rep. Tom Graves Supports Workers

Washington, June 22, 2017 - The House this week passed, with Rep. Tom Graves’ (R-GA-14) support, the Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Simplification Act (H.R. 1393) and the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (H.R. 2353).

H.R. 1393 would simplify a complex web of state tax laws so employees are not subject to state income tax outside their home state unless the employee works in another state for more than 30 days during the calendar year.

“If you live in Northwest Georgia but occasionally work in Tennessee, Alabama or any other state, this bill is for you,” said Rep. Graves, speaking of H.R. 1393. “It simplifies the tax code so you don’t have to pay income taxes in other states unless you work there for more than 30 days a year. In today’s highly-mobile economy, no one should face extra taxes for the location of a few days of work. This bill means more money in your pocket.”

H.R. 2353 is bipartisan legislation reauthorizing the Perkins Act, which provides funding for Career and Technical Education. H.R. 2353 strengthens the Perkins Act by streamlining the state application process, empowering state leaders to target funds to industries with numerous job openings, and permitting states to use a portion of the funds to help students in rural areas where there are a substantial number of career and technical students.

Speaking of H.R. 2353, Rep. Graves said, “As new technology continues to change the manufacturing industry and other skilled jobs, career and technical training is more important than ever. This bill will help educate, train or re-train Georgians for the cutting-edge jobs of today with an eye on the jobs of tomorrow. That means more opportunities for individuals in Northwest Georgia to land good-paying jobs in textile mills, flooring plants, chemical manufacturing facilities, auto-parts factories and other workplaces.” 


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