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Rep. Tom Graves, House Pass The Make America Secure And Prosperous Appropriations Act
Major Legislation Offers a Conservative Vision for Government

Washington, September 14, 2017 - Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) released the following statement after he voted for, and the House passed, the Make America Secure and Prosperous Appropriations Act (H.R. 3354), legislation to fund the federal government for fiscal year 2018: 

“This bill is true to its name, and it’s true to our principles. It keeps our country secure by funding President Trump’s border wall and strengthening our military. It makes America prosperous again by restoring financial freedoms so families can earn a living and achieve their dreams. It advances conservative principles by protecting life, caring for our veterans and reducing the rules and reach of government.

“Passing this unified conservative bill is a new approach to the annual government funding process. I credit Republican leaders and members for agreeing to try something different, and the Appropriations Committee for doing what most thought was impossible. Now it’s time to work with the Senate and the administration to secure these victories for the American people.”

In May, Rep. Graves first presented House Republicans with his idea to change the annual appropriations process by rolling the usual 12 individual funding bills into one conservative bill well ahead of the deadline. The House will now use this bill as the basis for government funding negotiations with the Senate. Both chambers will have to pass an identical bill before it is sent to President Trump to be signed into law. The deadline for negotiations to end is December 8, 2017.

With this “12-in-1” method, it is the first time in over a decade that a Republican House Majority has passed all annual appropriations bills before the start of the next fiscal year.

Below is a list of the bill’s highlights:

  • Rebuilds and Strengthens the Military
    Largest rebuild and increase in military funding since Ronald Reagan was president, providing an additional $68.1 billion to strengthen the military.
  • Funds Border Wall and More
    Fully funds President Trump’s request to begin construction of the border wall and provides funds to hire 500 new Border Patrol agents and 1,000 new ICE agents.
  • Defunds Obamacare
    Forbids funding for key parts of Obamacare, including prohibiting the IRS from implementing the harmful individual mandate.
  • Defunds Planned Parenthood and Protects Life
    Bars funding of Planned Parenthood, prohibits taxpayer funding for abortions and funding for any global health program that provides abortions, and stops Washington, D.C., from implementing its new law legalizing assisted suicides.
  • Guts Dodd-Frank
    Includes key provisions of the CHOICE Act, which will protect Americans’ financial future while eliminating unnecessary regulations so that more American families, entrepreneurs, and businesses can grow and thrive.
  • Protects Veterans
    Provides the highest level of funding ever for the seven million veterans who utilize the Department of Veterans Affairs, including funds for mental healthcare, suicide prevention, homeless veterans services and opioid abuse treatment.
  • Protects Americans from Unfair Trade Practices
    Holds countries like China accountable on trade by meeting President Trump’s funding request for trade enforcement agencies.
  • Reins In the EPA
    Cuts funding for the Environmental Protection Agency by $528 million, bringing its funding to the lowest level since 2008; Slashes outdated, unnecessary and harmful EPA regulations.
  • Overhauls the CFPB
    Brings the rogue Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars every year without congressional approval, under the regular government funding process.
  • Eliminates Operation Chokepoint
    Prevents Department of Justice and Federal banking regulators from forcing financial institutions to terminate customer accounts for political reasons.
  • Safeguards America’s Sacred Relationship with Israel
    Maintains critical funding for joint defense and security programs.
  • Cuts IRS
    Slashes the IRS by another $149 million, bringing its funding to the lowest level since 2008; prohibits the IRS from interfering with the non-profit status of churches and other religious organizations.


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