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Rep. Tom Graves Votes to Balance the Budget, Unlock Tax Reform

Washington, October 5, 2017 - Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) today voted for and the House passed H. Con. Res. 71, a federal budget for fiscal year 2018. After the vote, Rep. Graves issued the following statement:

“This budget lays out a conservative vision for our country. It balances within 10 years without raising taxes by cutting $5.4 trillion of spending and reforming government programs. It includes the resources necessary to secure the border and continue rebuilding the military. It also supports private-sector job creation by slashing regulations and red tape, including many of the measures in my Wall Street reform bill.

“Additionally, by passing this budget, we took the first step in a legislative process called ‘reconciliation,’ which unlocks our plan for tax reform. Through reconciliation, the Senate can pass President Trump’s tax reform plan with a simple 51-vote majority. This gives Congress a real chance to pass tax reform and put more money in the pockets of hard-working Americans.”

Click HERE to read more about the tax reform plan.


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