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Rep. Tom Graves Applauds President’s State of the Union Address

Washington, January 30, 2018 - Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) released the following video in response to President Trump’s first State of the Union Address:

The full script of the video is below:

Hi, I’m Congressman Tom Graves.

Tonight, we heard President Trump’s vision for a strong, secure and prosperous America.

But this is the part of the night where TV pundits offer reviews and stir up Washington drama.

So - I just want to highlight some clear results from the president’s first year in office:

The economy is booming. We have the lowest unemployment rate in 17-years. Businesses and consumers are more optimistic than ever.

Tons of government regulations are being rolled back, and – at last – American businesses have room to breathe.

Tax reform is a major success.

Companies are announcing new jobs, bonuses, benefits and investments in America almost every day.

Millions of American workers have new opportunities to achieve their dreams.

And that’s after just one year.

Great things are happening in our country. I’m excited to see what we can do in 2018.


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