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Celebrating Georgia Ag Week 2019

Washington, March 18, 2019 -

If you’ve eaten today, you should thank your local farmers! Agriculture is our state’s largest and oldest industry.

Each year, agriculture contributes more than $70 billion to Georgia’s state economy. About 1 in 7 Georgians make the choice to earn a living in agriculture, forestry or related fields statewide. 

Simply put, Georgia’s hard-working growers, producers and farmers put food on our tables and help feed families across the country.

Celebrated by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Georgia Ag Week (March 18-22) celebrates the contributions of local farmers, growers and producers to our state's economy and our daily lives.

Agriculture is truly the backbone of the Georgia economy. 

You can learn more about our state’s hard-working farmers through the Georgia Farm Bureau, or at the Georgia Department of Agriculture

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