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Graves Supports Critical Investments in National Security, Nation’s Economy
Bills support President’s border wall, repeal Obamacare-era taxes, and provide key resources for our military

Washington, December 17, 2019 -

Today Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) supported two critical government funding bills that make investments in national security, maintain important pro-life protections, and eliminate burdensome taxes created under Obamacare. The bills also fund the continued construction of President Trump’s border wall and provide our warfighters the housing, health care, and resources they need to defend our country.

“These America-first bills provide new funding for the President’s border wall and give our nation’s border patrol a necessary boost in resources,” said Rep. Graves. “It’s also been a priority of mine to hold cyber criminals accountable, and these bills ensure our law enforcement professionals have the tools they need to catch bad actors before they strike. I’m also pleased that the bill reiterates our support for the sanctity of life.”

As Republican Leader of the Appropriations Committee’s Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee, Rep. Graves worked with leaders in the House and Senate to ensure conservative priorities were included in this year’s funding bill. Key pieces of this year’s funding package can be seen below.

Georgia-first priorities

  • Includes funding for modernizing Compass Call aircraft – an electronic-attack capability that uses an EC-37B aircraft manufactured near Savannah – which will save taxpayer dollars by allowing a more rapid conversion from the current aircraft.
  • Secures funding for continued work on the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project.
  • Increases access to pro-bono legal services for underserved and low-income veterans who face barriers to obtaining and keeping their benefits. The University of Georgia has been championing this initiative.

Funding the President’s border wall and securing our border

  • $1.375 billion for the president’s border wall.
  • $222 million for border security technology.
  • 300 new Border Patrol processing coordinators.
  • No prohibitions on the president’s authority to fund the border wall, no restrictions on immigration enforcement, and no reduction to the number of ICE detention beds.
  • Eliminates a Democrat rider that would have created a new program to fund lawyers for migrants arriving at our southern border.
  • Provides funding for additional judges to address the backlog in immigration cases.

Supporting our military and our allies

  • Gives our nation’s military a 3.1% pay raise.
  • Safeguards America’s sacred relationship with Israel by maintaining critical funding for joint defense and security programs.

Protecting life

  • Prohibitions on abortion funding for federal prisoners, in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, and in D.C.
  • Eliminates a tax provision harmful to charities, non-profits, and churches.

Keeping Americans safe  

  • Increases funding for the Federal Bureau of Investigation by $376 million to advance technological capabilities used to target malicious cyber criminals, keep pace with the high volume of background checks, and dismantle organized crime on the Darknet.
  • Increases funding for federal law enforcement to address violent crime and drug trafficking.
  • Prohibits the Internal Revenue Service from targeting groups based on ideological beliefs.

Overturning Obama-era burdensome taxes

  • Permanently repeals Obamacare’s Cadillac, Health Insurance, and Medical Device taxes, the cost of which would have been passed to consumers.

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