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U.S. Congressman Tom Graves

Your Emails Aren't Protected


It's shocking, but true. 
The government does not need a warrant to read your old emails. How can this be?

Simply put, our privacy laws are outdated. 

To protect you and bring the law in line with modern communications, 
I've introduced the bipartisan Email Privacy Act.

Recently, WIRED magazine published an 
op-ed I co-wrote about the bill.

Here's an excerpt:

The Constitution prohibits the government from accessing personal files stored in a cabinet or letters sent through the mail without a warrant. When the telephone was introduced into mainstream culture, our laws changed to protect the privacy of calls using such technology. But even though email is ubiquitous today, such electronic communications donā€™t have the same privacy protections as the ā€” arguably far less used! ā€” mail and landline phones do.

This is a real issue and must be addressed; Congress needs to act now to update our laws through the Email Privacy Act and reign in any overreaching by government agencies.

Click here to read the entire article.

The Email Privacy Act has 103 cosponsors in the House and strong bipartisan support in the Senate. 

We can get this done.

Freedom First,

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